Speed Limits

The HOA Board is continuing the process to seek approval from our county commissioner to have one or two new speed limit signs installed on Boxwood. In our letter to the county commissioner we need to have photos and locations of the proposed sign(s). Look for more information to come on Nextdoor.

Upcoming Events

We have lots of fun events scheduled for this year. Save the date and look for more information to follow.

  • Easter Egg Hunt: Good Friday, April 14
  • Pool Opening: Soft opening on May 25, Official opening on May 29
  • Pool Party: June 3
  • Neighborhood Garage Sale: June 10
  • July 4th Parade: July 4th 🙂

Spring is Here!

Happy Spring everyone! Friendly reminder from the HOA Board: With Spring here and everything growing like crazy, please remember to keep hedges and bushes trimmed and out of the way of windows, mailboxes repaired/replaced if needed, and check your gutters, downspouts, roof, driveway, etc.

Property Improvements

Spring is officially here, and if the nice weather has you considering some home improvements, please keep reading. The River Rest HOA board would like to remind you that the Architectural Review Committee must approve changes to your property. This includes changing the color of your house, major landscaping in the front (planting a few flowers would not be considered major landscaping), ANY change to the common areas – ask before clearing brush, cutting trees, making any additions to common area (if you are not sure what part of your yard is common area, check with Sentry) – any structural change in the front of your property, fencing, etc. The form can be found on the Resources page. Forms should be submitted to April Lovik at Sentry at alovik@sentrymgt.com. Thank you and Happy Spring!

Tennis Anyone?

This is an update for all the tennis players in the neighborhood! We have a new tennis court roll dry roller and cover installed at the courts. We kept having an issue with the old rollers deteriorating in the sun and rain. We’re hopeful the new cover will extend the life of our rollers.

Easter Egg Hunt

Please join us next Friday, April 14th, for the River Rest Easter Egg Hunt!

  • Ages 6th grade and up, please come at 10am to help hide the eggs!
  • Ages 5th grade and under should come with a basket at 11am to hunt.There will be sweet treats for all ages in the pavilion at 11am.

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