Have you seen? Have you heard? Have you noticed? Maybe. Maybe not. So, we just thought we’d share an update of things that have been happening around the neighborhood. We want you to know what’s going on. Some are typical maintenance, unforeseen repairs, and some are nice improvements.

  • Behind the scenes at the pool. Before the pool even opened this summer, it received a new pump and newly packed filters. Damaged copping stones around the edge of the pool were also later replaced.
  • Wifi! Yes, we have wireless internet at the pool and clubhouse. Enjoy!
  • Spring cleaning! Did you notice the tennis courts, basketball court, playground, and pool deck were all pressure washed? We released lots of dirt and grime!
  • Our beautiful pavilion also received a fresh coat of paint inside and out. This will help maintain this great asset for years to come!
  • Tree trimming, as always. Trees around the pool, tennis courts and a few fallen trees in the neighborhood were maintained and/or removed.
  • And this, yes this that your looking at right now. We’ve launched this new website as a central location for everything River Rest Estates.

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